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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daddy And I Share This InTheRooms Info

The other day, I scolded Daddy for smoking in front of the webcam. As much as possible, I don't want the kids to see him smoking because I don't want them to be doing the same thing when they grow older. Actually, I do smoke as well, but I'm not the chain smoker type. And I never tried narcotics of any sort. I was a rebellious teen way back in 1995 when my mom died, but I made a promise to myself never to try drugs, gambling, and other forms of addiction.

I succeeded in fulfilling my promise, however, there are a few people out there who did not make it, thus they ended up hooked in various kinds of addiction like the ones I mentioned above. But some of them already seek help and are now on their way to recovery. Recovering from addiction could be a difficult process. Good thing there's a site like InTheRooms, an online global community created solely for those who are seeking help to fully recover. If you are on your road to recovery, this is a great site for you as you can find people who are also in a struggle to understand what they are really going through. Here, you can freely share your past without the fear of rejection or judgment of any kind. And here, you'll also realize that you're not alone on the process.

Daddy and I may not be in the same boat as those people seeking recovery, but we're both glad to share this info about InTheRooms Meetings Database, a Wiki which can help them manage the most accurate meeting database online. If they think revisions should be made in the database, this Wiki will allow them to, which of course for review and approval of the moderators. This step enables them to make the community to be the best so it won't be difficult for the others to find a meeting in their area.