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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preggy Mom's Night Out - The A. Venue Hotel Experience

At last, after a hundred years (Haha! just kidding :D ), I was able to spend a night out with my best friend yesterday. In the morning, she texted me that she's in Makati, staying in a really cozy hotel called A. Venue Hotel Suites. She didn't have company, so she asked me if I can sleepover. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't say yes in an instant because of course, I had to ask permission from Daddy.

At lunch time, when Daddy went online, I told him if I can go and spend a night with my best friend. He asked where the place was and who will be with us. It was just me and my best friend, so he said yes. At 4:00 pm, off I went to SM Makati, to meet my best friend whom I haven't seen over the past 5 months.

Anyway, fast forward, around 8 pm we headed to the hotel where she was checked in. It wasn't that huge like EDSA Shangri-la or Century Park, but it was A-ok. Her unit looked elegant and cozy, with a space for kitchen, dining, living room, and one bedroom. Plus, it also includes the following:
  • Air-conditioning
  • LCD television with cable connection
  • Coffee / Tea maker
  • Double bed
  • Hair dryer
  • Internet connectivity in room
  • Microwave
  • Mini-bar
  • Non-smoking provision
  • Private toilet and bath
  • Room safe
  • Shower with seat tub
  • Telephone with IDD/NDD access
  • DVD player
  • Stand up television
The unit was really okay. All the time, I was checking the interior design for ideas - the floor tiles, cabinets, furniture, toilet and bath, bed, beddings, television, walls, ceilings, everything. Haha. I even remembered my best friend asking me if I wanted to meet with the hotel's interior designer so I can ask everything about the unit. :D But really, I was so amazed; and I so badly want our home to be just like that, particularly the master's bedroom. I wanted it to have that hotel room feel, so that when Daddy comes home, he'll be more comfortable unlike when we were just renting a room in Pasig.

In the morning, my best friend and I woke up at around 7am (hehe first time in months for me not to report early for work). She said we have a complimentary breakfast - oh just what me and the little eater inside me want! The breakfast was superb, I so loved the French toast! All the time I was eating, I was thinking about the kids, the nanny, and Daddy. I even told my best friend that I'll let them experience the hotel experience as well even for a day or two. Perhaps, when Daddy comes home next year, I'll plan a travel for us family and book ourselves in a really nice hotel like A. Venue.

Oh well, it was just a night out, but I certainly had fun bonding with my best friend. Too bad, we didn't have pictures together. Still, I'm cameraless, and though my phone has one, I never bothered because it doesn't have a USB cable. Anyway, let me just show you a pic of the unit we stayed in A. Venue Hotel Suites Makati.


mye said...

i'm glad you finally had time to relax a bit ^_^

kaya next time don't forget your camera eheheheh

btw, there is an EB of mommy bloggers today...i missed it kasi may sakit ako but im looking forward to next time, just in case, join us ha?


Phoebe said...

tnx s comment mommy mye..

wala, cameraless pa rin ako. di pa napapalitan ni hubby yung na-snatch n digicam namin s Baguio.

oo, my EB daw s trinoma today. would love to join, kaso work ko is from tuesday to saturday. in case Sunday or Monday ang next EB, why not? :)

Margot(sweetmom of PinayMom.ORG) said...

we all need "time out" from time to time, away from daily toils of life.

I'm sure you had a nice night out with your friend.

jHeLea said...

nakakatuwa naman least you've got the chance to relax.....ang ganda ng room ha in fairness....we share the same idea na sana pag uwi din ni Jet we could experience some luxury.....kasi pag nagbabakasyon kami I'm always practical hehehehe