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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dog Shampoo for Enya

I've mentioned about Enya here before, right? She’s the cute little doggie of our neighbor that scratches and sheds a lot. Although she’s nice to hold, sometimes you will think twice about doing so because she doesn’t smell very good. So, what she really needs is this dog shampoo from Dinovite.

With Dinovite dog shampoo, Enya will smell fresher and look more adorable for a longer period. And if she keeps scratching before, this time it won’t be since this dog shampoo is a natural flea deterrent and it is proven to work well on sensitive skin. Plus, it does not contain harsh chemicals, perfumes, or even fillers, so Enya is guaranteed of a healthier dog skin all throughout.

Oh, I’m so excited to see the new Enya! I’d better ask my neighbor if she already ordered the dog shampoo from Dinovite. From what I’ve seen in their site, there are four exciting blends to choose from. These are unscented, lavender, essential oil blend, and peppermint/tea tree. Hmmm. I wonder what will suit Enya best. Maybe it’s the peppermint one since it has ingredients proven to soothe and heal. So the next time I see her, she won’t be scratching here and there.

Way to go Enya!



Laura Young said...

Enya is going to LOVE dogosuds. Sampson loves it...and he smells so good too! Tell your neighbor to try the peppermint one, it will keep the fleas away and soothe itchy skin!