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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bleeding Again

When I went inside the CR this afternoon, I had another shock of my life. I am bleeding once again, but if before I went straight to the doctor, this time I chose to stay home and wait for tomorrow to come. Maybe, the reason why it happened again is because of the too much stress that I'm getting lately, not only the disappointments from the office but also here at home.

I'm too scared to know the reason why I'm bleeding again today that's why I put off my supposedly scheduled ultrasound this afternoon. I'm not yet ready to hear the words from my OB that I'm not yet placenta-previa-totalis free. I wanted to take care of this baby as much as possible, but some people just don't want to make this pregnancy easier for me. I'm getting tired really, and 16weeks of waiting before my due date comes is like waiting for forever. I want to get over with this pregnancy soon. If my complication persists, then God be with me if what's His will. I just pray that I'll deliver the baby safely because "he" deserves to live. As for myself, I already made sure that all my insurances are ready in case something bad happens.

This another episode of bleeding is scaring me, but I'm taking it as it is. If the ultrasound tomorrow shows a really bad result, then I'll just have to deal with it.


GMIL & TLC said...

b praying for u. i know that's not easy.

God bless always!


Stacie said...

I hope that it's nothing serious. I hope that all will be ok. Your in my thoughts! Rest and take it easy.

Melanie said...

Hi Phoebs,
Take it easy ! dont stress yourself too much...not good for you and the baby. Pray hard to GOD that your placenta has moved up...just like mine it move a little...I still have some spotting from time to time but the other ultrasound result is that my placenta is already 3cm away from my that is good !

Just pray that you and the baby will be safe...few more weeks to go ! kaya mo yan girl !!

Ozzy's Mom said...

oh my...just rest and avoid walking, carrying anything heavy. keep safe..and btw, something for u:

Tetcha said...

I hope you and your baby are okay. I'll pray for you both.