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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Gaby is Having a Baby Brother myspace graphic comments

Yes, it's official! Daddy and I's long time dream has finally come true. We're having a baby boy! Baby Gaby is having a baby brother soon. And we're all very excited.

When I told Daddy about the news, he didn't want to believe at first. Or perhaps, he just couldn't believe it that we got the timing right. But after I showed him the ultrasound photos via webcam, he was beaming with such a big smile. I could see how happy he was. And I was really expecting it. He suddenly forgot that we just had a big fight a few days back. LOL :D

So that's it! Baby Gaby is having a baby brother in 3 months time. I wonder if he'll look just like her. I like! *wink*