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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

99 Days and Still Counting

It'll be 99 days more before my Baby Gerby comes out. While writing this, I couldn't help but remember my countdown days with Baby Gaby before. I've been through a lot of stress when I was carrying her, and this time it's no different with Gerby. It's like a dejavu. Maybe this is a curse or something, that whenever I'm pregnant, I have to go through so much ordeal before I can actually feel joy.

Oh, 99 days, still a long wait! :( I can't wait to see how my baby boy looks.


chubskulit said...

natural lang yan sa bados phoebs, you can't help but worry about every little things

marveling said...

any updates about mayon?

jHeLea said...

haaay naku sis emotera ka lang talaga like me.....hehehehe.....cute ng name na happy always sis....