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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Suddenly Missed Daddy

The faint cry of the baby in between asking for "dede" (milk) woke me up around 2AM this morning. After giving her one, I tried to get back to sleep but failed. So, what I did was I checked my laptop to see if Daddy was still sleeping. (Yeah, we leave our webcams open as we sleep, so it's as if Daddy is just here beside us.) Indeed, he was and even if I wanted to wake up him up, just like what I did when he was here, I chose not to. He has to go to work in the morning, so it's better not to bother him.

But after looking at Daddy in webcam, I suddenly missed him so much that I couldn't help but wish he's really beside me. It's been three months since he left, and even if we see and chat everyday thru Skype, still it's very much different when he's here. I miss Daddy's hugs, kisses, jokes, and even his irritating ways and remarks. I thought I'll get used to not being with him in just months time. But sadly, no.

Oh I miss you so much Dad!


Vanniedosa said...

ldr ka din pala like me, ako naman almost 6 months na di ko nakikita hubby ko :( haii. buhay.

jHeLea said...

haay naku sis....pareho tayo ng feeling...miss ko na din si Jet.....hopefully soon, we will be together with our loved - ones....