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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Baby in Between Plays the Nintendo Wii and the PSP

It's almost the end of the day again, and since Daddy did not allow us to attend the USAP Family Day at the Ultra, I thought of ways to keep the baby in between busy so she won't bother me doing freelance stuff. And here's what she did:

( Can you guess what this is? )

( There goes the baby in between playing Nintendo Wii tennis...And.. )

( Shoo Mom! Don't bother me! I'm busy playing the PSP! )

Yes, the techie in Dad has now been passed on to the baby in between. If Dad was the one playing these gadgets when he was here, now it's her little girl's turn. Actually, she's not yet good at playing those gadgets, but in time I'm sure she'll be so good at them that she won't let her Dad win against her. Go Gab! Weeee... :D

I wonder how Daddy will react if he sees these photos. Geez, I hope he won't react negatively because he's always opposed to the idea of letting the little one play those gadgets at this age. Not because she's too young to be techie, but too young to handle them with care. In that aspect, "I agree with you, Dad!"