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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pink Nap Mat for Baby Gaby

If I get a new book for Ate Yana, I should get something for the baby in between too. Why? Because I'm pretty sure she won't like seeing her Ate having something new, while she doesn't have any. So, I'm thinking about getting this pink nap mat for her. Since the weather is so hot lately, she'll find this very comfortable to sleep on unlike on the mattress we're using now. And the pink color, I'm sure she'll love it.

Actually before, I was thinking about giving her one of those toddler backpacks or kids backpacks. But I changed my mind after seeing how lovely this pink nap mat is. And so, it's final.

Now, if your toddler happens to be celebrating his/her birthday soon and you're still looking for a nice gift, why not get one of these nap mats? More colors are available aside from pink. You can choose from blue, brown, purple, maroon, and green. For sure, your toddler will also love it. As for Baby Gaby, I'll stick with pink.


mye said...

hi mommy - got an award for you in my blog. hope you'll grab it