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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mommy Moments - That's My Dad!

mommy moments

Hello everyone! It's Mommy Moments time once again! And our theme for today is about Daddy, since Father's Day is just two days away.

For the baby in between and me, we are very lucky to have the best Dad in the world. Although he's miles away from us, we never feel that he's far because we get to see and talk to him everyday through voice chat.

Anyway, here let me give the floor to the baby in between because she's the one who has a lot to say about her Dad.

Ten Things That My Dad Loves and Hates

1. Daddy loves to fix, upgrade, and do anything to his laptop computer, but he hates to use Mommy's laptop as he's not used to using Mac. (LOYAL DAD!)

2. Daddy loves watching movies, but he hates Mommy when she says no more watching past 10 pm. (MOVIE ADDICT DAD!)

3. Daddy loves collecting gadgets, but he hates how Mommy tells him not to because they're too expensive. (TECHIE DAD!)

4. Daddy loves smoking especially after eating, but he hates when Mommy asks him to go out of the house to do that. (BAD DAD!)

5. Daddy loves eating Jumbo Siopao from Jade palace and 2-pc chicken from Jollibee, but hates sharing them with Mommy because those are his favorites. (SELFISH DAD!)

6. Daddy loves customizing his motorcycle, but he hates it when he sees it not well-taken cared of whenever he comes home.

7. Daddy loves to shop and travel, but he hates it when a snatcher steals his belongings like our beloved Casio Exilim digicam.

8. Daddy loves dressing up, but he hates it when Mommy asks him why he's doing so. (JAPORMS DAD!)

9. Daddy loves playing with me, but he hates when I suddenly jumps over his big tummy. (PLAYFUL DAD!)

10. And lastly, Daddy loves me, but hates Mommy? No, actually, he loves Mommy even more. And we love him very much too in return (LOVING DAD!)

So there, THAT'S MY DAD! Mommy says, see you again on the next Mommy Moments!

Signed: The Baby in Between


Momma Bams said...

kakatuwa naman ang love and hate lists mo =) Happy Father's day sa iyong mahal.. im sure miss nya na rin kayo. have a nice weekend =)

Chris said...

great tribute!

happy father's day to him!

shydub said...

Love and hates collide talaga huh, the more daddy hates mommy the more daddy loves and worship mommy. You are really so proud of your daddy, and even if your daddy hates it when you jump in to his tummy he love it, do it more baby girl hehehe. Happy fathers day to your dad.

Jacris said...

Nice post!I enjoy reading the love and hate list.
Have a great weekend and happy father's day to your loving hubby =)