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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gift Ideas: Penny Laine Baby Memory Books and More

I've seen these really cute penny laine baby memory books that are just right for Baby Gaby. I wasn't able to get one when she was younger, so I'd be more than grateful if she receives one as a gift. Calling all godfathers and godmothers of the baby in between!LOL! Baby Gaby's 2nd birthday is just five months away, so there, I'm already giving you a clue as to what her birthday wishlist includes.

On the other side, I'm also looking at these personalized backpacks for kids and give one as gift for my schoolgirl, Alyanna. Tomorrow is her first day in her kindergarten school; but instead of buying her a new backpack, I chose to let her use one of Baby Gaby's bags given as gifts during her Christening. Anyway, I'll just buy her one of these personalized backpacks as a reward when she gets really good grades in school.

As for myself, I’m thinking about buying one of these personalized laundry bags. The old one that I’m using here at home is already worn out, so it’s high time I get a replacement. But if Daddy wants to give me one as gift, I’d be happier of course. :D

Image Source: Posy Lane