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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scared About A(H1N1)

After reading the email from our Administrative General Manager regarding A(H1N1) concerns in our office, I felt a different kind of paranoia that until now lingers on me. Although I started to feel a bad cold coming since Tuesday morning (because I kept on sneezing), so far it doesn't come yet. And I'm thankful. However, after learning from that email that a former employee of ours was tested positive for the virus, and had contact with other employees, all the more I got worried. No, not just worried, but scared, since I travel a lot to and from work everyday.

Oh, what can a pregnant woman do to avoid the A(H1N1) virus? Daddy kept telling me to wear a surgical mask when I'm riding the bus or the jeepney. But, I'm having second thoughts about it because whenever I see one wearing, all the more I feel scared. Actually, just this morning, we were given N-95 masks at the office. But I don't know why I can't wear it, or why I don't want to wear it. And besides, according to our administrative assistant, it's only usable for 8 hours, so what good can it do for a helpless preggy mom like me.

Anyway, with mask or no mask, the best defense that I can do now is to make sure I take the vitamins prescribed by my OB-GYNE to keep my immune system strong. Plus, the hand sanitizer will be of big help, I guess.


Beth said...

The paranoia is understandable. You have another health and life inside you to take care of, aside from yours.
We don't wear masks yet pero if I were you, wear ka na. Para na din sa kiddos mo. Ingat lagi!