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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mommy Moments - Time Out w/ Friends

mommy moments

Wow, this is my first time to join Mommy Chris' Mommy Moments. Actually, I've decided to join since last week; but since I couldn't find any photos of the baby in between getting a haircut, I decided to pass.

So, what's the theme for this week? It's Mommy Moments - Time Out w/ Friends. I was kind of confused upon seeing the other moms' posts about the theme today because some made a post regarding their kids' time out with friends while the others post about the moms themselves spending time out with friends. So, for me, I decided to post both mommy's time out with friends as well as the baby in between's. Actually, Baby Gaby does not have a real set of friends yet, because we kept moving in and out of "for rent" houses since last year, Hopefully, in time she'll have, especially here in our new neighborhood in Cavite.

Anyway, here are our photos for this week's Mommy Moments:

(Mommy's Bohol adventure w/ friends Owen, Glady, Dex, and Talie)

(Before Christmas vacation dinner at Dampa Ortigas w/ Dex, Glady, Maidz, Ate Precy, Lyn, & Nays)

(Mommy's Davao weekend getaway w/ Glady, Owen, and Lyn)

(The baby in between w/ her friend, Kuya Dane)

That's it for now! See you on next Mommy Moments!


Chris said...

great to see your pictures! welcome to mommy moments!

Tetcha said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing, mommy!