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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunny Sunday Morning

It's a sunny Sunday morning, just what I have predicted. It's been raining really hard over the past days, so I was kind of expecting that this day, Mr. Sunshine will start showing himself. And indeed, I was right. When I woke up this morning, our place was so bright; goodbye to my wish of staying in bed the whole day to savor the cool breeze and enjoy the rainy weather. Yesterday, for example, I just dragged myself out of the bed just to get to work. It rained the whole day, so conducive to sleeping and eating really nice meals at home.

But if Mommy didn't like the sunny weather this morning, the kids on the other hand, especially the baby in between, were celebrating because finally, they can go out and ride their bikes outside. They've been silently singing Rain, Rain, Go Away during the past days because they had no choice but to play indoors and be contented watching cartoons. So the rest of the day is for them to enjoy playing outdoors.

As for Mommy, no choice now but to start washing the kids clothes and do a little gardening. (Whew, how come those weeds grow so fast?)

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Nhil said...

I hope that there will be a better weather this week. Kainis din naman kasi kapag panay ang ulan eh. :)