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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reminiscing Our Baguio Trip: Part II

Last night, I couldn't sleep well. My little one is making "his" evening somersaults again. Although I love feeling "his" movement, I can't help but feel really uncomfortable especially when it's supposedly my bedtime. So since my head started throbbing from trying so hard to fall asleep, I just decided to browse the Internet. And there I was, reminiscing again our Baguio trip after opening Daddy's friendster account.

I've already created a separate post here about that Baguio trip days back. But since we got tons of pictures during that 2-day weekend getaway, I decided to upload the others in this part II post. Here they are:

( At Wright Park )

( Pre-nup photo op ba ito? weee..still at Wright Park )

( Daddy and me with our pet Doglas - the friendly St. Bernard..naks! )

( me loves the view at Kennon road )

( Daddy loves it too )

( picture taking w/ the best flower float for Daddy and me )

( At the Mansion )

( picture taking w/ the lion at Kennon road )

( the Penagbenga 2009 gang - Dex, Rye, Daddy, Me, Glad, Lyn, and Nays..hey, where's Rais?)


Margot(sweetmom of PinayMom.ORG) said...

we missed the street dance and float parade of Panagbengga this year because my family opted to go to Subic and Clark for the Hot Air Balloon Festival instead, but we were there during the opening (Feb.1).