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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Macbook-less Weekend

Today marks the start of another long weekend for me. Yesterday was the Philippine Independence holiday; but instead of enjoying the holiday yesterday, our boss decided to give us a long weekend so he allowed us to be at the office yesterday instead of today. It would have been a nice idea, only if I am not Macbook-less today.

Yes, my Macbook is still busted. I left it to our computer technician for reformatting. Since she was very busy during the weekdays, she decided to fix it over the weekend. I was hesitant at first, but since I didn't have so much choice, I decided to leave it to her and be Macbook-less over the weekend. If only there's an accessible Apple service center in my place or a company that offers overnight repair like in the image below, I won't have to suffer this long.

Image source:

So, where is Mommy Phoebe as of this moment? Still here at our neighboring Internet cafe. I'm really glad that there is one near our house, actually it's just in front of our house. So, lesser effort for me to visit this place, and the hourly rate is not that bad either.

How about you? How's your weekend so far?