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Friday, June 19, 2009

Budoy and Enya

Who's Budoy and Enya? No, they're not friends of the baby in between. But these are merely the names of our former dog and my neighbor's dog. Budoy, as I recall, was the last dog we had before I moved out of our home almost 2 years ago. He was a very jolly dog, BUT...Yes, there's a big BUT because I could remember how stinky he smelled. And worse, he was a true shoe- and slipper-wrecker! Try to leave your shoes and slippers outside the door, and the next thing you see them, they're ripped from all sides. Oh boy!

How come I suddenly remembered Budoy? It's because when I saw Enya, our neighbor's dog, I said to myself, she's just like our dog Budoy. Actually, she's such a cutie. But she scratches and sheds a lot. I guess, what she needs right now is one of these Dinovite products. Ranging from powdered supplements and liquid supplements up to non-drying shampoo, Dinovite is the name to trust when it comes to making dogs healthier and happier. All of these supplements are made from ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, beneficial bacteria, and digestive enzymes - the exact nutrients that every dog's diet should include.

Oh, if only I've known about Dinovite way back when Budoy was still with us, I would have bought him one of these. Anyway, I'll just tell my neighbor about this so she can get one for Enya. Or better yet, I'll direct her to this solutions center so she can customize the best solution fit for her dog.



ryliej said...

Hi Phoebs, kapandok ni budoy so ayam ko sa sa harong mi sa donsol hehehe, budik ang name nya..

Musta na?

Joops said...

He looks like my wife's dog in the Philippines!