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Monday, June 8, 2009

Kernel Panic What?

If you are a Macbook user, are you familiar with this image:

That's what appeared on my Macbook's screen after I clicked yes on that software update thingy. I panicked in an instant because I knew right there and then that I did something wrong. When I tried to restart it, the same image appeared. I was near tears already, so I hurriedly logged in at my neighbor's Internet cafe to ask Daddy and my officemates who are also using Macbook if what's the image about. After seeing one of my officemates online, I asked him about it and he explained to me that it's kernel panic.

I tried to troubleshoot the problem, but no luck. So, after talking to Daddy about it, and he explained to me that my Macbook must be reformatted, I gave up; now, here I am waiting for Tuesday to come so I can let one of our technicians see it and fix for me. And since I'm in a cafe right now, I'm signing off early. This is just a quick update here, anyways, gotta go!

Source: Wikipedia


mye said...

hi phoebe - yeah sure...nakalogout lang ako and now about to sleep..just add me and let me know so i can include you in my blog roll too ^_^