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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Baby in Between Offline for 24 Hours

Page Load Error...That was the last words I've seen on my laptop screen yesterday at around 3pm. I thought it was just a short Internet disconnection, but whew, it lasted for over 24 hours. I kept thinking what happened to Globe broadband, since all my neighbors who also subscribed through that ISP, including the Internet cafe nearby, were also Internet-less. But until now, we're all clueless.

Anyway, I'm so glad that The Baby in Between is back online now. We may have missed greeting Daddy a Happy Fathers' Day yesterday through Skype's video chat, but I managed to leave a post here greeting Daddy. I just hope he remembered checking this family blog before going to bed last night.


jHeLea said...

hay naku sis...globe broadband din gamit namin dito sa ofis at palagi na lang kaming walang internet think we are paying monthly....kakainis talaga minsan ang globe....