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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chin and the Magic Stones: A New Book for Ate Yana

My 5-year old girl is already fond of reading as early as now. At night, whenever I come home from work, she would ask me, "Mommy, did you buy a new book for me?" My reply is always a no, because with my busy schedule, I hardly find time to drop by at the mall, much more at a bookstore.

I know, I should not make my busy schedule as an excuse not to buy Ate Yana a new book. Especially with that eagerness to read, I should be the one to encourage her more in order to enhance her reading skills. I was thinking, what if I just make an order online for this must-read book for kids entitled Chin and the Magic Stones? I've recently checked and read quite a number of positive reviews about it. I got curious in an instant and so I'm thinking of getting one for my little girl.


Although the book was intended mainly for kids aged 7 to 11 years old, I know Ate Yana will be able to appreciate it and learn a good deal from it since she's really fond of reading adventure books. Based from the summary I read, the story does not only impart the funtale adventure of a 10-year old kid but also carries a positive message about the importance of having self-confidence and keeping a positive atittude at all times.

As of now, I haven't told my little girl about my plan of getting this book because I don't want to disappoint her in case I won't be able to get one. I'm sure, other moms out there are also thinking of getting one for their kids. Who wouldn't? It's summer time and there's no better way of letting the kids spend it than by summer reading.