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Friday, June 26, 2009

I Wonder Why

...this family blog was distorted when I opened it this morning. There was no header, no images in the layout, and hey no layout in general - only content and widgets. I thought it was because of our Barracuda filter here in our office network. But after opening my friends' blogs, I realized that there was really something wrong with my blog and not the network. Then I remembered one message from Ate Carlota, author of Dashing Smiles and the one who gave me this layout, that her photobucket will expire this June. I thought maybe that was the problem, and so I emailed her immediately and left her a message at her tagboard.

While waiting for Ate Carlota's reply, I kept wondering why my blog became distorted so suddenly. Last night, it was still ok. I didn't know anything about the layout or fixing it, so I was really worried that there would be no choice left for me but to switch back to my old blogger layout. Good thing, after an hour or so, Ate Carlota replied and helped me fixed the problem. The culprit: The PayingPost Code. Again, I wonder why that code suddenly has a virus on it - the bloodhound.ex. Do you have any idea?

But anyway, I'm really glad that Ate Carlota fixed the problem for me in a jiffy. Thanks Ate! So, what's next in my to-do list? To find a photo for this week's Mommy Moments. Hmmm...The baby in between is not yet in school, but her Ate Yana is. So, ok let me find one of Ate Yana's school days photos.


Laine said...

sis, me din kanina morning na ka experience ng ganyan. nag panic pa nga si me e. i kept on checking may lay out settings pero ok naman. refresh ako ng refresh tos after an hour siguro naging ok na xa. pero each time i view my blog til now may nag pa pop up na paying post asking for a password authentication.

ano ba dapat gawin? do i have to delete my payingpost logo?