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Monday, June 29, 2009

How The Baby in Between Sleeps...Then and Now

I was busy updating my Phoebz Place blog a while ago, when the nanny told me that Baby Gaby had already fallen asleep. I was surprised to see that she's already sleeping because all the time I thought she was simply watching cartoon. Here's how she sleeps now:

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her in that sleeping position. See, she didn't even bother about the pillows she lied on, which make her position really uncomfortable to look at. I just moved her after taking this pic so she'll have a longer sleeping time. We're off to the grocery store this afternoon, so she has to sleep now or else, she'll be sleeping while we're buying stuff.

The baby in between is really growing so fast. I can still imagine her infant days when she used to sleep soundly and didn't move that much while sleeping. Oh, how I miss how she sleeps then...

(Baby Gaby when she's 3weeks old)


Jacris said...

Ang cute talaga ng babies no lalo na pag sleep na cla sarap yakapin.Btw I love to exlinks mommy check out my blogroll list your in already.

Have a wonderful day=)