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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pregnancy 29 Weeks: Placenta Previa, Bedrest, Losing Hope, Prayers

For those who have been constantly visiting this blog, perhaps you're all wondering why I'm suddenly out of the blogging circulation. It's not that I became too lazy, or that I didn't have anything interesting to blog, but because I allowed myself to lie low for a while since I'm risking my baby from working too much.

The last time I made an update, I told you that I had another bleeding right? And so, I was advised by my OB to go on 2-wk bedrest. I was also advised to have the steroid shots to mature my baby's lungs, unfortunately I was not able to get one. But anyway, yesterday, I finally met the OB-gyne who will assist me during my baby's delivery. Her name is Dra. Mia Almeda, recommended to me by my neighbor here in our new place. She's really nice and accommodating. And she has all the answers as to why until now I'm having this dark brown discharge and other concerns that I have with regards to this pregnancy.

The main culprit: it's the placenta previa. :( Though it's partialis now, it still causes me to bleed. And so my OB told me if I can already file a leave in the office until I give birth. Huwaat?? As if it's that easy to do. But do I have any choice? She said I need to have maximum bedrest because if not, any moment, I might experience more bleeding than the one I'm experiencing now. Actually, she already set me for a pelvic ultrasound by August 31. According to her, if it still shows a partialis placenta previa, she will already schedule me for caesarean delivery in between the dates of October 1st and October 8th, 3 weeks prior to my due date. :(

So I guess there's no escape for me anymore. Even if I wanted to deliver this baby boy normally, I don't think it will be possible with this pregnancy complication. It'll be 3weeks more before my scheduled ultrasound but I'm already losing hope that the placenta will still move away from my cervix. Yes, I'm losing hope! And I'm expecting the worst. I just hope I'll be strong enough to pass this difficult ordeal that me and my baby will have to go through. I must admit, I'm feeling a bit weak just the thought that I have to deliver it via CS section, that I have to be on leave for a long time, that my hubby is not here, and that I have no immediate family as my support team during the delivery. So, what else could be worse than all of these?

As of now, all I'm holding on to is my faith in God. I may not be able to escape the reality that I have to go through CS delivery, but I know He will not leave me and my baby during this difficult time. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers. And so, I entrust me and my baby's life only to Him.


jHeLea said...

i'm so sorry to hear the bad news sis....hang on to God, He is your only strength and hope in moments like this....

Test said...

Don't loss hope, keep strong that is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself. Positive thoughts and attitudes work miracles. I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 16 weeks and it hasn't moved as of 27 weeks. I was in the hospital yesterday and released with stricted bed rest til' 36 weeks when I am scheduled for a c section. They schedule you for a csection because they want you and baby to be safe. You do not want to hemorrage or bleed very badly to do a vaginal. Take care and god bless. Good luck.