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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pregnancy 30 Weeks: UTI and Possible Gestational Diabetes

Yesterday was my scheduled prenatal visit. I was early at the hospital so I'll be the first on the list. Indeed, I was able to grab the number 1, but only because I was listed ahead of time by my OB's secretary. LOL. :D But anyway, before I went to her clinic, I first got my lab results: urinalysis, blood sugar, hepa, blood type, and two others which I forgot what they're for. While looking at the result, I felt somewhat relieved to see that the numbers were within the normal values. But that feeling of relief was only for a while. Because when my OB checked it, she did a little computation and so the end result: I have UTI (urinary tract infection) and possible gestational diabetes at pregnancy 30 weeks.

I wasn't surprised when she said that I have UTI and that my blood sugar level is somewhat high. It's because on this pregnancy, I have craved so much for salty and sweet foods. Dried fish for breakfast, junkfoods in between meals, softdrinks after every meal, and ice cream for dessert. So, what more can I expect? But after learning that, I somewhat felt angry at myself because of my stubbornness. Daddy kept telling me to avoid salty and sweet foods, but I did not listen. And so all I can say while my OB was giving me prescription medicines for UTI and subjecting me to another glucose test was, "Now, this is called reaping what you sow."

But even if I blame myself over and over, it won't help at all. So the least that I can do is to follow my doctor's advice, take the medication, and have the 2nd glucose test. Oh boy, this has really been the most difficult pregnancy that I've been through! I just can't wait to get over with this.

Seven more weeks to go - ready or not CS on October 8, here I come!


manner said...

Hi, I've just found your blog. I also have placenta praevia centralis. I'm in the 24th week of my pregnancy, so 6wks behind you. I wish you all the best an good luck with the CS. Fikngers crossed!