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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Dream Vacation in Sustainable Switzerland After Giving Birth

The past 7 months have been so difficult for me: the moving-in scene to our new home, the home improvements that I have to look after all by myself, the budgeting of finances, the accomplishing of tasks both for the permanent and freelance jobs, and worst of all, the pregnancy complication that until now I couldn't figure out why of all the pregnant people, out of the 200, it was me who got this placenta previa. All of these really stress me out to the highest level, and so after giving birth, I'm looking forward to have a dream vacation in a place where I can truly be with nature - a place like sustainable Switzerland.

Just look at the image above, isn't it a beauty? It's in Fuldera, Switzerland - popular tourist destination that offers the most breathtaking views of the panoramic Alps. I can imagine myself staying in that tranquil and enchanting village for a couple of days and spend hiking or camping with Daddy and the kids. Just look at the green meadows and the forest, for sure the place has a lot in store for vacationers like me.

But Switzerland is not only known for its Alps and its overall beauty. It is also known to be a very eco-friendly country as it is rich in organic products, its people can still enjoy fresh air while biking, offers easy access on train travel, and has lots of green friendly resorts and restaurant. It's so amazing how effective Switzerlands environmental policies are in making sure that pollution is reduced in the environment. I just hope that the same should be implemented in our country. So if you are a pollution-free environment advocate like myself, all the more you'll also appreciate spending a really nice vacation in this country.

I'm really looking forward to making this dream come true once I'm done with this pregnancy. I have lots of plans in mind once I'm there, like go hiking, camping, sight-seeing, and just be closer to nature. After all, I deserve a vacation as grand as this, right?