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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Own Domain Name and Web Hosting Thoughts for this Family Blog

It's August already, but until now I haven't fully decided whether I'll give this family blog its own domain name and webhosting. I've been wondering for quite some time now why this doesn't seem to please Mr. Google, so if you'll notice it is still page rank-less. Of course, any blogger would want his/her blog to have a page rank. So, I was thinking maybe this one just needs its own domain name and web host. There's no harm in trying, right?

For the domain name, I already know where and how to get one since I've already tried purchasing a year ago. But for the web hosting, I'm still confused as to what site to turn to. Good thing, it did not take me long to find web hosting reviews via the Internet. When I came across, I told myself that this is the best place to start my search for web hosting services. This site provides a comprehensive list of web hosting providers, ranked according to their services' price, space, and traffic. By simply looking at the list, I can already tell which one gets the highest rating as far as customer satisfaction, reliability, and affordability are concerned.

After checking the site, I already have one in mind. But since I don't know much about web hosting yet, I decided to search further about the basics of web hosting.

How about you? Are you also in need of webhosting services? Visit now!


Anonymous said...


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S-H-Y said...

Im planning to have my own domain so soon wink..

Anonymous said...

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