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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Baby, New Site

Prior to giving birth, I already created a new site for the new baby in between entitled Gerby's Humble Beginnings. But then at the last minute, Daddy decided to change baby's name from Gerby to Gihan Raphael Paulo. So, I also thought it would be best to replace the title of the site or create a whole new site for our new bundle of joy. Perhaps, we can call it Gihan's Journey. And to make the site more personalized, I'm thinking about getting its own domain name and web site hosting service.

Getting a domain name for Gihan's site is an easier task since I've already acquired my own domain name in the past. But for web hosting, it's quite new to me since the last time I had my web site hosted, I asked my colleague to do it for me. So, now I'm thinking what could be the best web site hosting provider to get. I've already asked a couple of friends about it and they told me to check on WebHostingGeek for some web hosting reviews.

After doing a short reading, I found out that WebHostingGeek is the best guide to help me find the right web hosting for my new site. It provides reviews of the top web hosting providers - according to their features, rates, and others. It sure helps me a lot to compare the options available and arrive at a decision. Now, I already have a web host in mind. And it's good to know that I can very much do something to reduce the cost of web hosting after reading the site's blog.

So, in a couple of days, I'm off to creating my Baby Gihan's site. And with WebHostingGeek's help, I'm sure, I'll be off to a good start.