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Friday, October 23, 2009

I Survived...We Survived Part I

This post is all about my labor and giving birth experience to the new baby in between. Why it's entitled "I Survived..We Survived"? You'll find out as you read along.

September 24, 2009 - It was a typical day, supposedly. I was still on bedrest but working from home at the same time. The night after, I was already complaining that I was feeling different, on which as if I was on labor. I even texted my friend Lyn about it. My stomach was contracting but the pain was not at close intervals so I thought it was false labor again. We didn't have water and electricity during that day, so that really stressed me out. In the afternoon, again I started feeling contractions. But I ignored them. When the water went back, I immediately told Gab that we will take a bath together. But even before I reached the bathroom, I felt a sudden gush of wetness. At first, I thought it was my water bag. But it wasn't. It was blood and it was flowing through my legs.

I tried so hard not to panic. But I'd admit, I was so scared. Scared about the thought that it was time, that baby was only 36weeks, and that it was just me, the nanny, and the two kids here. I still managed to take a bath and was thinking hard how to go about everything - the kids, me, the nanny, the finances, yet the thought of the impending labor pain came last. After taking a bath, first things first - I called my neighbor who has a tricycle to bring me to the hospital. But before we proceed, I first informed my friends Lyn and Nays and my boss Mel that I'll be giving birth in hours time, and then left the two kids to our very kind neighbor.

At the hospital, the typical procedure was done. Filled up the necessary forms and paid a deposit. After which, the nurse instructed me to lie down so she can conduct an internal exam. I was already 2 cm dilated. A few minutes later, my OB - Dra. Mia Almeda of Binan Doctors Hospital, arrived and conducted another IE. Just the same, it was 2cm; but since I was already bleeding heavily, she told me that I'd be admitted already.

Excitement. Fear. Anxiety. Relief. I felt mixed emotions when the nurse walked me through the labor room. Excited because in just hours time, I'll be seeing my baby already. Scared because my baby hasn't reached full term yet. Anxious because my two girls were left at the care of my neighbor. And relieved because the time has finally come. But in spite of these mixed feelings, all in all, I was ready - ready to go through the labor pain and ready to push the baby out.


Melanie said...

Hi Phoebs,
nanganak ka na ? at a day after I gave birth? Gosh ! I gave birth 23 Sept. lam mo ba...naku muntik na mag ka birthday baby natin. Good thing, everything works out fine for both of you...bilis ng panahon month old na sila..:-) good for you that you are back in the office back to house works :-)