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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Need Help with Used Cars

With the newest addition to the family, I realized that having our own car is not anymore a luxury but more of a necessity. Why? Because with the distance of our home from major establishments and with the number of kids that we have now, not to mention the two new house help that will be arriving soon, all the more that we need a car to make commuting more convenient for us. So now I'm looking at some used cars to buy. Actually, last year, Daddy and I already reserved one. But then after a month, we changed our mind and decided to refund our money. So, I'm back to zero when it comes to searching for used cars. If only I'm in the UK, everything would be easier for me. There are lots of car portals that allow anyone to search and compare prices of new and used cars. Really helpful especially for first time buyers like me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe.... I think I can help you out about buying used cars for sale. See there are some important factors should be seen when buying a used cars for sale by owners Body Style, Mileage, Exterior Color,Interior Color,Color Description, Engine Transmission, Drive Type, Fuel Type, Doors, Stock No., VIN, Trim Level & Installed Features ... after that I am damn sure that you will not have any doubt in your mind when buying used cars for sale by owner...