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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pregnancy 33 Weeks: An Update

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I made the last update. And I know, you're all eager to know what's going on with me and my baby. We're still doing very much okay, so far we've already reached 33 weeks - a month or 4 weeks more to go before baby reaches full-term. I'm really praying hard that I'll reach up to 37 weeks. I'm no longer afraid of the thought that I'll go through cesarean delivery due to this placenta previa complication. As long as my baby is full-term, I'll take the sacrifice of the long recovery that goes with CS delivery.

So, what's with me and baby on 33rd week? Baby is still moving a lot while me here is moving very little. Waaahh! I'm still on bedrest. Imagine, I've been like this for over a month now. And believe me, it's no fun at all. Supposedly, since I'm on my 8th month, I should be nesting by now, the term they used when preggy women feel that sudden burst of energy to do things a month prior to delivery. If only I'm not restricted to do strenous activities, I could have been doing a lot of general cleaning right now. But I'm stuck in bed, so the only thing that makes me busy now is farming - that's right over there at Farmville, an FB application!

Oh, only a month for baby and me to go! On September 15, I'm off to my final ultrasound to determine whether the placenta is still there covering my cervix or if it migrated to clear the way for baby. I'm not very hopeful though, because last Sunday, I had another episode of bleeding, on which the bowl just turned red after I peed. Anyway, whatever the result is, I'm more than ready.


jHeLea said...

Good luck sis...I know everything will be okay....God bless....

Vannie said...

glad to know the your okay na. :) at 1cm ka na ha! ako nga eh ang tagal ko 2cm then 5 days after 4cm na so when that happened nagpa-induce na ako. good thing kase 2 hrs lang active labor at nanganak na ako.

that's why di naman ako masyado napagod sa labor; discharge day after i gave birth and eto 5 days after feeling okay namn.

i will pray for your easy delivery, healthy baby and fast recovery.