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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Running Out of Time

I've already scheduled my trip to my hometown on Saturday to get the baby in between and her nanny, but until now I haven't got a place for us to stay here in the metropolis. A few days ago, my mind was already set to rent this studio type apartment in a place nearby. I even read the contract already and withdrawn the amount needed for the 1 month advance and 2-month deposit. However, my mind suddenly changed upon learning that the 2-month deposit is not consumable on the last 2 months, or not even the last month. So basically now, I'm back to scratch. Aaarrgghh!

Finding a place here in the metropolis totally sucks. It's not easy really, especially for a wife like me who is trying so hard to budget our finances. It would not be practical to get a big and expensive house/apartment/condo for rent since me and my husband are on the process of acquiring a house and lot of our own.

Actually, our initial plan was just to rent a place here so I can have my baby with me already. But then the plan changed when Papa Ghie decided to buy a property instead, so it would make as our first major investment. He has a point, right? After all, what's the use of earning a good compensation abroad if he can't see anything out of his earnings when he comes back here next year? But then I realized, buying a property is not as easy as I thought. Even if we are paying for the equity now, we can't move in yet, so I'm back to our initial plan and that is to rent a place.

Oh my, oh my...The clock is ticking and it won't be long before Saturday comes. Huhuhu... :( I already have some prospects but then all of them have more downsides than advantages. So, I need to find more options before tomorrow. And hopefully by Friday, I can already pay the advance and deposit. Ugh, I'm running out of time! Heeelllppp!!!


Paula said...

Have you tried looking at Buy and Sell? That's where we found our apartment. Goodluck!

jHeLea said...

don't lose hope sis....i know in time you'll find the perfect place where you & your baby can stay....good luck really!!!