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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Gift FOR Hubby

Yesterday, after getting the Sony PSP that hubby sent me, me and my friends, Dex and Owen decided to go to Mall of Asia to have dinner and to buy some stuff. While strolling at the mall, a pair of sneakers caught my eye when we passed by at the Lacoste boutique. I told the two to stop walking and that we go inside to take a quick look, since of course we didn't have money to buy it anyway.

When inside, I saw this pair of white Lacoste sneakers and immediately fell in love with it. Right at that moment, I could imagine my hubby wearing it and looking oh-so-good with that sneakers on. But I had second thoughts of buying it at first. The reason: a new pair of sneakers, much more a Lacoste at that, is not part of our budget. So, I just felt contented looking at it and holding it. But when the saleslady said that I can have it on an installment basis, I started to reconsider and immediately called my hubby.

I asked hubby his shoe size, he said it was a 42 for Euro and 9 for US. The saleslady said, they have one. So, I took a look at it, and really I couldn't take my eyes of it. Hubby will definitely look good on this pair of Lacoste shoes. And what's good about it is that Lacoste shoes are sold only at two pairs per size, which means that only very few can have that design that I liked so much for hubby.

So there. Without any hesitation, I told hubby that I'll get it, with a big help of course from my friend Owen. I just hope the shoes will fit him well and that he'd love it as much as I do.


Facts said...

Wow. Nice shoes. Gotta grab one too. :)