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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Baby in Between Wants to Win Cash from TheCash.Com

I'm off to my hometown in a couple of hours to get the baby in between. So that means, I'll be offline over the weekend as well. But before I go, I wanted to get a chance at winning some cash over there at The few bucks will sure be of big help for me and my baby as we start a new life here in the metropolis.

I was wondering, what could a $25, $15, or $5 could do for me and my baby? Hmmm, I don't think $25 would be enough for renting an apartment, right? How about a new set of pillows or a matress for us to sleep on? Or perhaps a new crib for Baby Gaby so we won't need to bring her old crib when we travel back here tomorrow. Well whatever it is, I'm sure the cash from TheCash will be worth something for a mom and a daughter like us.

So, how to enter the contest? It's quite simple. First, blog about the contest. Then second, leave a comment on the contest post with the URL of your blog talking about the contest. And third, wait...hahaha..just kidding.

That's it! A very easy contest, indeed! And hopefully, an easy money for me and my baby.

Well, hope to win any of the prizes. *wink*