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Monday, August 18, 2008

New Look for The Baby in Between

When I logged in to Blogger this afternoon, I was so glad to see the message from Carlota in my tagboard. According to her, my blog - The Baby in Between - was given the opportunity to win a customized layout. Wow! I've always wanted to give this blog a new look, yet my "tweaking" skills are very limited so I felt contented with this look somehow. As long as our pictures ( me, Papa Ghie, and Baby Gaby ) are there, I was okay it. But now that my blog is given that one chance to have a customized layout, I feel oh-so-excited. I can't wait to see my blog's new look.

So peepz, hope you can help The Baby in Between have a new look. How to do it? Simply cast your vote at I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance! More power to you and of course to Carlota of Dashing Smiles for this great opportunity!


Maybel Mateo said...

Hi Phoebe! Thanks for hopping through... done with the vote :)

jHeLea said...

hi sis done voting for you....may award ako 4 u sa other blog mo