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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Baby in Between Turned 9 Months Old

I went home over the weekend for a couple of reasons: to settle some financial obligations, get some important documents, check the appliances and other stuff that I left behind, visit my grandmother on her 86th birthday, and of course, to see and celebrate the baby in between's 9th month birthday.

Yup, my little girl is now 9 months old. See how fast babies grow. It was just like yesterday when she was still very small and so fragile. But now, she already knows a lot, from crawling to sitting, to standing and to playing. And what's sweeter than to hear her say the words - Ma-ma and Pa-pa.

I really can't believe that in just a month of not being with her, I can already see lots of changes in her. When I left, she can only say Ma-ma, but now she also knows the word Pa-pa. And before she only has one tooth, but now there's two and they look so cute. But what really amazed me is that even after a month of not seeing Mommy, she can still recognize me and wants me to carry her in my arms, always.

Baby Gaby has really grown, and I am more than glad to see the development she's going through. And so as she turned 9 months old last August 4, of course, I didn't miss giving her a small celebration. Here are some of the photos that I took during her 9th month birthday:


jHeLea said...

hi sis belated happy 9th month birthday to you baby...she's so adorable...have an award for you sa other blog mo....

Constance said...

happy 9th month's old baby!!

Mai said...

Thanks for dropping by my site (and regularly dropping ECs). :)

belated happy 9 months old to your baby! And I couldn't agree more..same sentiments here with my 5-month-old son. Ang bibilis nilang lumaki noh? Soon, we're running after them na :Sigh:

I have added you to my blogroll already..further, you might want to join me in the contest that I'm running on my blog. The prize is not that much pero pede ng pambili ng cake ni baby sa next month birthday niya. :) Hope you can join me here.