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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Gift FROM Hubby

A few weeks ago, my hubby surprised me with a wonderful gift - a SONY PSP. He showed it to me in webcam, and really I wasn't expecting that he'd give me one since all this time, I only wanted to have an MP3 Player. It was a cute pink Sony PSP with 8GB memory. As in WOW! I can store lotsa movies, games, and music in that. Actually, he already did, and he had so much fun playing the Tomb Raider game.

But then, his PSP days are over. Now it's my turn. Why? Because yesterday, I already got it! Yup. Yup. Yup. He already sent it to me, through a friend of his who came home to the Philippines last Thursday. But since I was busy last Friday and Saturday, I just got hold of it yesterday, with Dex and Owen as my companions going to the place. And know what, when I saw it, I couldn't help but admire the oh-so-cute pink color of the gadget. I so love pink, and all in all, I love the Sony PSP that hubby gave me.

Thank you so much Papa Ghie for this wonderful gift. Now, I'll be bored no more since with this gadget, music, movies, and games are stored in one. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Now, I can't wait to tell everyone about this, so here let me share some pictures:


Paula said...

Congrats on your new PSP! :) Pareho kayo ng asawa ko mahilig sa PSP, hindi nga ako makarelate e. hehe

Anyway voted for you again. Seems you're no. 1 na this time, sana tuloy tuloy na. Goodluck!

jHeLea said...

wow sis...haba ng hair mo hehehe....i love the color kasi girl na girl...Papa Ghie loves you so much....I'm happy kasi happy na mga posts mo...

Anonymous said...

Ur profile said ur a single working mom! So! What up with this post?