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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phoebe Online Dot Com

Yup! is now my domain name, the one I purchased from GoDaddy two weeks ago. I just had it running a while ago, with a big help of course from Kuya Ely. (Clapping! Thanks a lot Kuya Ely!) Jeez, I went through so much trouble just setting it up. See, Peach even had her running in no time, while mine...Whew! I'm just so glad that Kuya Ely is around to help a poor blogging newbie like me. Chos! :D

Anyway, moving on, my new domain talks about me, my family, and everything in between and beyond that catches my interest. Topics such as parenting, travel, baby, and making money online will also be discussed. Plus, it will include my opinions/reviews on movies, blogs, products, websites, events, and even news or articles. I know, in one way or another, my opinions would matter to those who will read my entries here.

So, hop on to now and check the few entries I've written so far! :)