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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are We Still In Good Hands?

Yesterday, I tried to withdraw money from my Metrobank account, but with no luck. My first try was in the morning around 8a.m.; after seeing the ATM offline, I hurriedly left and proceed to work . Then at work, a colleague of mine was in bad need of cash, so I told her to check my atm card for me and withdraw the amount that she needed. That was around 9a.m. Again, the ATM machine was offline. So, I just told her that I'll check again in the afternoon.

During lunch break, Gaby's dad and I we're talking over voice chat and he mentioned that he was not able to send remittance because Metrobank was down. Only then I realized that the problem is not just within Legazpi. But I told him that I'd still try in the afternoon.

So, okay, 2p.m break time, I hurriedly went back to Metrobank yet to my disappointment, I saw the big OFFLINE sign outside the bank. I told myself, "What's wrong with Metrobank?" Then, I heard a guy asking the bank's security guard why the atm was offline. The guard said that there's a "database" problem. Yeah right, so the system was down, as in down for a day!

I was thinking, what if I badly need cash as well yet I can't get it from my bank account because of this problem? You see, this sucks because there's no advisory informing people that this will happen. I just can imagine those people who need money ASAP and try to withdraw money from their Metrobank account but to no avail. And what about payday? It's the 14th now, so those working in companies which rely on Metrobank for their salaries (that includes me), will be totally pissed off because of this scenario.

I'm sure a lot of people out there, especially those with Metrobank accounts, are sharing the same sentiments with me. But for those who keep accounts from other banks, you're way luckier. I regret that I didn't open my Baby Gab's account in BDO earlier so her dad can send remittances there instead. As soon as I have the money, I'll immediately open one for her and just leave the Metrobank account for my salary.

But this left me thinking, " ARE WE STILL REALLY IN GOOD HANDS WITH METROBANK?" Think again...