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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6 - Nutrimeal Challenge

From Day 1- Day 6, here's the total no. of kilos that I lost - (drum roll please!!!) 2 KILOS. Yes, from 57 kilos, I now weigh 55 kilos. Not bad, huh! Imagine that's only 6 days. And when I checked my waistline today, from 32 inches, it is now 29 inches. As in, it's super amazing. So, I'm going to continue having Nutrimeal from now on. I still want to reach my goal of 50 kilos.


Cielo said...

Me I will be starting with herbalife and goodluck to both of us....

Thanks for following my blog, followed you back and a little link back for you.....Returning back the love....