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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Baby in Between's First Bank Account

After that disappointing experience with Metrobank's "no-advisory-system maintenance", my idea to open an account in other banks like BDO became a firm decision. So this afternoon, I went to BDO Legazpi Rotonda branch to open the baby in between's first bank account. (Yipee, Baby Gab finally have her own bank account even at the age of 4 months!)

Actually, the idea of saving money for Gaby's future has long entered my mind. But I remembered to share this to her dad just recently. After hearing my suggestion, he immediately agreed because it would be the best way to save for baby's future, considering the fact that his work in Korea is just for the time being. He said it's a good thing that we can set aside a few amount for our baby while he is still earning good from working abroad.

So, since I found the time a while ago, I made sure that I was able to visit BDO. I was really excited when I inquired about the account which was suited for my daughter. The teller said that I can open a Junior Savings Club Passbook, so I did. When the teller handed me the passboook and saw my baby's name on it, I know I'll be exaggerating a little, but really I felt overjoyed. I deposited only a small amount, but I know, after some time, it will get bigger and will be more useful to suffice her needs.