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Friday, September 19, 2008

Love Our Smiles

I so love this picture of the baby in between and me. Simply look at our smiles, and you'll know why. I'm really loving her more and more each day. She's my little angel, my adorable baby girl. And I really thank God for giving her to me.


Amanda Leigh said...

Aw! So cute!

jHeLea said...

wow I love your pic with your baby sis...happy ako to see na your eyes are sparkling with happiness...lalo kang gumanda...promise!!!

Kateedyd said...

OMG! She is absolutely precious! I miss having such a happy baby...we are in the 2's right now. No fun with this one. LOL

Kateedyd What?!
Mommie’s Marbles

cielo said...

precious moments like this one is indeed a treasured gem that we will always keep in our hearts.....

kasarap naman ng lambingan blues nyo