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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend To-Do's

One great weekend is coming up! After a stressful week, I guess I deserve a little break for two days. Hmmm, I'm thinking what's my weekend to-do list includes this time:

1. Go out with colleagues and friends tonight.
2. Play with the baby in between and her new friend, Doggie.
3. Go window shopping.
4. Clean the house with Rose (the nanny).
5. Visit a friend on Monday.
6. Watch a movie (HBO, Cinemaone, or Star Movies).

Hmmm...What else? I could not think of any thing more, except that I'd try to be away from the laptop at least just for this weekend. It's as if I've been breathing the Internet the whole week, so a few days away might help me freshen up my mind.

So, happy weekend!