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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mommy and Baby Pictorial on a Sunday

Sunday is bonding time for Baby Gaby and me. So, I set aside a couple of my freelance works and spend quality time with her instead. As soon as I get hold of the camera, I started taking pictures of her. Here let me show you some:

And now with Mommy:

Now that the baby in between is here with me, no more lonely and boring Sundays for me. With her beside me, metropolis life becomes a lot easier and more fun. 'Til next Mommy and Baby Pictorial! :-)


NanjoDogz said...

She's adorable -- very cute! How wonderful to spend a day together!

paula said...

Wow, baby in between has really grown. So glad mom and baby are back together. :)

jHeLea said...

I'm happy for you sis...finally you're beloved baby is there with you....enjoy every moment with her...God bless

cEciLLe said...

yeeeeee! daraga na si gab!

Shawie said...

that's nice, gurl! like baby, like Mom... you both look like sisters:)
anyways, added your blog to my blogroll already, please include my new blog too:) thanks!
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NEOLLE said...

Cute ng baby... like her mom.


Nice blog site!

MommaWannabe said...

She's cute! I love the new lay out by the way;)