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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Awake at 3 A.M.

And I don't know if what time I'll ever gonna fall sleep again, or if I'll ever get another at all. I'm thinking of so many things right now. Like how I'll go about the moving in process in a while with only me, the nanny, and the two kids around. No Daddy, no relatives, and not even a friend to help us along. I feel so sad that we were not able to meet our previous plan of moving in as a whole family - with Daddy around. After all, this house is supposedly the very start of making memories as a FAMILY.

But this is not the time to self-pity or to start blaming the pathetic life here in the Philippines why families need to separate so as to earn better abroad. I don't want to ruin my mood on our 1st day in our own house. Even without Daddy here, I'll let the kids feel that they already have a home which they can call their own.

So from this minute, I'd say: "Goodbye to renting. Goodbye to moving in and moving out from time to time. Goodbye to meeting new landlords and landladies. Goodbye to neighbors that we met along the way. And goodbye to free Internet." HUH? Yeah, I mentioned about the linksys thing in my other post, right? So, beginning tomorrow, I'll be out of the Internet world for a while. But I do promise that I'll keep you updated on our new house...and our new neighborhood.