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Friday, April 3, 2009

Out to Jakarta, In to Okinawa

After our canceled trip to Jakarta last March, Daddy and I have decided to choose other destinations where we can spend vacation. But that won't be happening in the next month or so since Daddy has just completed his 2-month exit from South Korea. Anyway, there's no problem in planning early, right? So as early as now, we are already looking for other possible destinations.

Now, while browsing the Internet, Daddy came across this comprehensive site about one of the most visited places in Japan, Okinawa. He said, “Why not give Okinawa a try?” I'm not really very familiar about this place, so I asked Daddy for the link. While reading, I was so amazed to learn that Okinawa has a lot to offer. From beaches to hotels, I’m sure this place will be a memorable vacation destination for me and Daddy.

Oh, how can I be so optimistic about having a vacation with Daddy in Okinawa while in fact it would still be a year and a half before he gets to have another vacation? I just can’t help it after looking at this Okinawa Travel Guide. It’s just so tempting and yeah it’s worth giving a try. Why not?