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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out to Subchorionic Hemorrhage, Still In to Placenta Previa

I underwent another transvaginal ultrasound today. And guess what, the result is better than the last one. According to the OB-Gyne, the subchorionic hemorrhage that I experienced two weeks ago was already gone. It was good news for me, 'though in some way I was expecting it because the vaginal bleeding already stopped. What concerned me more was the placenta previa. The TVS result showed that my placenta was still completely covering the cervix. But according to my OB, there is still a possibility for it to move, as my baby grows, as well as my uterus. We'll just have to wait and closely monitor my condition.

Whew, it's still a long way for me! Baby is just 15weeks and 1day. I just hope my pregnancy will turn out okay, so I won't have to go through Cesarean delivery.