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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Baby in Between is Now on Entrecard!

As I've mentioned in the blog's intro, I want this family blog to inspire people in so many ways. But how can it be an inspiration if very few readers are aware that this blog even exists. So, to give it the exposure that it needs, I signed it up to, an easy way to connect with other bloggers.

Entrecard is an effective means to introduce this blog to other bloggers around the world. Since it is a family blog, I am sure a lot of blogging moms and dads out there would be interested to know what my blog can share about parenting, baby, home, and family as a whole.

So, for those who will find this blog through Entrecard, allow me to welcome you in our home here on the web. I may have only a couple of posts at the moment, but I do assure you that I will continuously post updates for you to read.