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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Missing My Baby

It's just our 2nd day here in Pasig, yet I feel as if we've been here for weeks already. Yeah, I'm beginning to miss my baby so much. Last night, I called her grandma to ask how she is. She said that baby is okay and that she's not crying too much.

I really miss my Baby Gab so much. Today, it's her 3rd month birthday. Time really flies so fast, and before I knew it, she would be celebrating her 1st birthday already. How I wish I could spend more time with her. But since I'm a working mom, I think that would be impossible. All I can do now is to spend quality time with her when I am not at work.

Whew, it will be 6 days more before I can be with my little girl again. It's really lonely being away from her, especially when it's time for me to sleep. But well, there's nothing I can do for now. I just have to keep myself busy instead so I won't worry too much about her.