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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A "Not-So" Relaxing Weekend But...

Last weekend, the family of Baby Gaby's dad came over to our place for a visit. Although I was unhappy at first to know that almost all the immediate members of his family were coming, I was able to appreciate it later on. You know, it was the first time that Papa Ghie's dad saw our "baby in between". I felt happy of course because I've always wanted my daughter to be recognized by her dad's family, most especially by her lolo and lola. I don't have a mom anymore, and my dad, well, he has a new family already, so from my side, Gaby has nothing to expect.

Anyway, to continue my story, Ghie's family arrived in the afternoon. I guess, it would be an exaggeration if I say that I felt so restless the whole time I was waiting for their arrival, but that's exactly how I felt. I didn't know what to expect from Ghie's dad, so a lot of questions and worries crossed my mind. I tried to set aside those by keeping myself busy. In the morning, Gaby's nanny and I had a general cleaning to make sure that the house will be clean enough to look at and stay in overnight. I polished the floor, cleaned the bathroom, and organized everything. 'Though I felt tired after doing those chores, everything just disappeared when I saw Gaby's grandpa carried her in his arms for the first time.

Both Ghie's parents were happy to see Baby Gaby. They tried to play with her and make her smile, but baby was not used to seeing so many people inside the house so she was a little bit unfriendly. However, after a few hours, she started playing already and became responsive to her lola, lolo, tita, and cousins.

The house looked like a disaster over the weekend, especially with Baby Gaby's 3-year old cousin around. But I didn't mind that much. (Ows, really? Oooppss, who said that?) After all, it was only for a day and a half. My "not-so-relaxing" weekend is nothing compared to the joy of seeing my little girl being recognized by her dad's family.