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Saturday, September 6, 2008 is the Answer

I've always wanted to buy stuff from US like a new digicam, laptop, or simply baby stuff like toys and clothes for the baby in between. But since I'm here in the Philippines, I find it impractical to buy from a US online store. Why? Because first, international shipping rate is of high cost and second, it's either the online store does not ship internationally or it accepts only US credit cards. So, the end result: I settle on buying from a local online store here in the Philippines instead.

But hey, I already found a great solution to my problems concerning shipping rates, international shipping, and using US credit card! Having a website in Access USA is the key to hassle-free and affordable shipping when I make a purchase from a US retailer. The company is known to serve international customers since 1997, with their services such as package forwarding, mail forwarding, and more. It allows customer to enjoy not only reliable shipping but also reasonable one since through purchase consolidation, a customer can save up to 70% on international shipping rates.

Access USA really makes it easier for international customers like me to purchase from a US retailer. Hey, check it out as well!

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BHalley5 said...

another good option is
I have used them and been very happy. They have excellent rates and there are no added fees for fuel, etc.
Bongo will even send me pics of my items as they arrive to the warehouse :) Love them.
Beautiful baby by the way!

james said...

Beautiful Baby!!

MyUS requires a monthly membership and Bongo will only offer Imaging Services if you sign up for their yearly subscription.

I personally use . It's like having your own shopping address in the USA . Low rates, great service, super website and the fastest and most reliable shipping. Take a look at their demo here: